We offer independent environment qualification for space equipment as a service. Qualification is offered in three domains.

Radiation Environment

Total Ionising Dose (TID) – 60Co source exposing the equipment to the specified dose over an extended period of time.

Single Event Effects (SEE) – Exposing active components to particle radiation sourced in particle accelerator

Vibration Environment

Random Vibration – Exposing equipment to random vibration with a power spectral density representative of a launch on common launch vehicles

Sine Vibration – Vibration sweep through low frequencies to identify eigenfrequencies. Can also be used to simulate quasi static loads.

Thermal Environment

Thermal Cycling – Longer duration test where the product is carefully cycled between high and low temperatures to verify that the product will not fail du to thermal stress fatigue

Thermal Vacuum – Verifying that the equipment will function throughout its specified temperature range and that the heat is safely lead away from where it is generated.

Qualification (and test) can be performed in any and all of the above domains.

Do you need to qualify your space products? We will help you.

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